Marriage Renewal Conference

Holding Hands…Holding Hearts

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Marriage Enrichment Programs

Do not wait until it aches!

Unfortunately, very few couples take advantage of marriage enrichment programs available to them. Most couples wait until their relationship aches or become irreparable and nothing could be done to save it.

Many couples believe that successful marriage should happen naturally and therefore they do not need support unless it hurts. They also believe that marriage is a private matter and cannot be shared and they do not need to learn anything from anybody. They also believe that it isn't proper to share their marital issues with anyone outside the marriage or to participate in any educational or spiritual program that will enhance or enrich their relationship.

Couples with these attitudes deprive themselves of the many resources available to improve their relationships, to become better and flourish. They as well  decide to hold back from sharing their experiences so that others may be enriched through them.

Our marriage enrichment programs offer married couples many opportunities to enrich their marriage and relationship. We have series of programs such as:

    * Theology and sacramentality  of marriage (The Gift of Sex)

    *  Finding meaning in your marriage

    * Agonies of love series

    *  Couples communication skills

    *  Couples Conflict Resolution

    *  As well as couples spiritual enrichments. To find more info on spiritual enrichment, Please click on couples retreat or couples adore night